General aspects
Our properties are leased for the sole purpose of leisure, vacation, residential housing and only for the agreed guests. The total number of guests cannot exceed the number identified with the booking.
Our properties are let fully furnished and equipped, as detailed on our websites and in our pictures.

The price of all properties includes reasonable use of linen, electricity, TV, internet, hot and cold water, cleaning, 24/7 security system.
Satellite/Cable television, where available, may not include access to all channels. If internet access is available it is generally assumed that the guest will bring their own devices.

Guests are expected to arrive between 16:00 and 18:00 WET time and to depart by 10:00.
Slight variations to these times Guests will advise of their correct arrival/ departure times.
If guests’ arrival/departure is outside the indicated times, Owner may instruct to self check-in/check-out, where circumstances allow.
Guests staying after 12:00 am will be charged 1/2-day rental
Guests staying after 17:00 pm will be charged a full day rental

Documentation and identification
Before arrival Guests are asked to provide a copy of their identity cards or passports, thus they give their express consent to process their personal data in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes of renting the property. (The parties benefit from the rights mentioned in EU Regulation 679/ 2016).

Security and valuables
Guests are fully responsible for any breakages, loss or damage to the property during their staying. Owner shall not be responsible for any potentials loss during their stay.
Guests must be fully aware and respect the safety and fire hazard instructions.
If provided, burglar alarms should be activated, safes used, and suitable care be taken against theft and burglary.
Guests should make sure to have all doors, panes and windows closed and locked when leaving the premises.
In the event of any theft or damage occurring through negligence of Guests, Owner reserves the right to ask compensation from Guests.
In case Guests vacate the property due to a burglary, no refund shall be given, unless proven evidence exists of the Owner’s failure to familiarize Guests of the anti-burglary systems present in the rented property.

Damages or Losses
In the event of losing a set of keys and/or remote control and/or parking permit that have been handed upon arrival, 100 euro will be automatically deducted from deposit.
It is not allowed to change the setting or decoration of the property (including furniture placement) without the prior consent of Owner. Inside furnishings stay inside and outside furnishings outside.
Guests are liable for any damage or for the removal /destruction of items on and around the property, including and not limited, to plants, external structures, etc.

Guests are expected to respect the properties and their contents, items, including and not limited to linen and/or ornamental items should remain with the property.
Guests are expected to conserve water & energy. Please turn off lights, fans, stoves, air-conditioners, water heaters, when leaving the property.

Guests are expected to hand the property over in tidy and good conditions. An extra cleaning fee may be subtracted from the security deposit if the property is left excessively dirty.

Pets are not allowed unless with the explicit permission of the owner. Number of pets must be agreed prior to acceptance of booking. Owner reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement if a pet is found on the premises without prior consent.

Guests must be aware that the property in an exclusive residential, green area and that private functions (e.g. party, wedding, cocktail party) are not allowed.

Owner assumes no responsibility for accidents, injury, death or loss, including consequential damages from the rental and use of its property.

Swimming Pool
In case the property is provided with private swimming pool, Guests must use it with caution and only for leisure.
Guests assume full responsibility for the use in or around the swimming pool.
In case of accident, injury or death, by booking and signing the protocol, the Guests waive any future claim against Owner.


Should the property not meet your requirements for whatever reason, you must first contact the manager by telephone on the day of your arrival, who will then attempt to resolve the raised issue.
Complaints received at the end of the tenancy will not be accepted.
If Guests vacate the property before the departure date without notifying the manager, Guests will not necessarily be entitled to a refund.

By confirming your reservation, you explicitly and automatically confirm that you are familiar and agree with the specific terms and conditions of renting our property.